Monday, November 1, 1999

Glue November/December 1999

Retail Therapy

Nothing says more about the changing nature of Los Feliz than the price points at the new Aero & Co. store.  Whether you’re a starving artist with $5 in your vintage Wrangler jeans pocket or a slumming celeb with $6,000 burning a hole in your floral Guccis, Aero & Co. has something fabulous you can snag.  Women’s and men’s clothing, candles and body products, jewelry and lamps and lingerie and perfume fill this carefully curated lifestyle emporium.  Fashion cheerleader Alisa Loftin enlisted designer Cynthia Vincent as the store’s creative consultant.  “It’s a place where we can sell things we have known about that aren’t very accessible – things that will be unique to the store,” says Vincent.  Indeed, one-of-a-kind finds have long been the best thing about shopping the city’s East Side, whether it’s at Plastica (where everything is plastic) or the geniously named Buena, Bonita y Cheep.  And December 4 has been declared “Shop Silver Lake Day” by someone. (Who cares who? Where’s my credit card?  Participating stores, identified by something cheesy like a flag or balloons (who cares? Where is my credit card?), will offer special discounts and live music. (Laurie Pike)