Saturday, September 1, 2001

Bazaar September 2001

The 10 boutiques that make L.A. the left coast’s fashion capital.
Aero & Co. A tiny shop teeming with the best from local designers, such as Magda Berliner’s antique lace dresses.

V Magazine September/October 2001

To Live and Design in L.A. - AERO & Co.'s  Freshman Class
Clockwise from left - Ina Celaya, Alicia Lawhon, Rami Kashou, Michelle Mason, Grant Krajecki, Magda Berliner, Kime Buzzelli, Jared Gold at AERO & Co. on Kingswell.


Grey Ant, Jared Gold, Koi, and Magda Berliner...just to name a few labels that grace the racks at this hip boutique. Fashion vultures on a shopping spree know to hit this place first.